Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Patronising the Child-Free: LIVE

I stumbled upon this video on youtube today. It's Lorraine Kelly on her show, interviewing Vicky, a child-free woman. I thought it might be an interesting interview about her choice. (I say 'choice' as that what it is).
They initially start to chat about Cameron Diaz being child-free by choice and how Diaz says that women don't 'come-out' saying they don't want children as they are afraid of being shunned by society.
Apart from the slight look of disdain from the start on the presenters face, I didn't have to wait long for the patronising remarks to start.

And there it is, 90 seconds in, Lorraine offers the little gem, "I wasn't particularly maternal until I was pregnant." Yawn!! Really? I've never heard that one before! And then, "You never know", with a patronising wink.

Then we quickly move onto speaking to the "Mum of 4", where Lorraine and a drab looking Mummy, Lucy, start to bleet on how lovely it all is being a yummy mummy etc etc. How it's a "fun, magical world". How you learn more patience and are less selfish.

OH, PLEASE! Give us a break! So, by default, I am more selfish because I don't conform and can make up my own mind?

But why do we need to interview a parent as well? Why does she need to be there? Do they need her there, just in case the child-free woman suddenly whips out a baby and starts eating it with a knife and fork? Because we all openly despise children, don't we, us child-free people.
Why can't we just hear from the child-free woman and her life, but no, we are treated to most of the interview being monopolised by two mum's who obviously think a woman's role is to become a breeding machine.

Then we get to Lucy, who says, "Having children is a common bond," and that when someone says they don't want children, she "automatically says why don't you want children?" and that she "wheels her children out........because they are missing out on something."

What problem does Lucy have with people who chose not to have children? And why does she feel the need to convert us? It's not as if there is a population crisis in the world, and that the human race is going to die out. More importantly, what business is it of hers? How would she feel if Vicky started to harass her about her decision? "Why did you have children? Do you ever regret it?" etc etc.

What could have been a good interview, turned into two women patronising another, with words and statements us child-free folk have all heard before from friends, family and colleagues.

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