Sunday, 28 August 2011

Terrible Chain-FaceBook Statuses and Why I Hate Them

A friend on Facebook's status update from the other day. It's probably the most patronising comment I have ever read. This is copied and pasted, so I am not responsible for the poor grammar.

"Whatever you give a WOMAN she will make it GREATER. Giver her SPERM she will give you a BABY. Give her a HOUSE she will give you a HOME. Give her GROCERIES, she will give you a MEAL. Give her your LOVE and she will give you her HEART. She MULTIPLIES and ENLARGES what she is given. so if you GIVE her CRAP, be PREPARED to RECEIVE a ton of SHIT! I hope to see every girl on my friends list repost this (only the brave will)!"

I find this update tedious at best; at worst, they are condescending, patronising and stereo-typing. Being a gob-shite, I didn't let this one lie.
I stated what I said above, plus, I replied;

"Pass the sick bucket. I find the whole thing patronising to both women and men, and terribly, I don't want any f**king sperm as I don't want children!"

It was sad and awful how many women 'liked' her status. Needless to say, I have no reply from her regards my post, but plenty of responses from grateful men that we all don't think like that!

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