Sunday, 10 July 2011

Baby Wash and a letter to Hotpoint

Dear Hotpoint,

I recently purchased a new washing machine, which was delivered and fitted yesterday. I noticed upon examining the front of the washing machine, there was a setting labelled "Baby Wash". Being child-free, I felt disappointed that I would not be able to utilise this setting and thus not be using said washing machine to it's full potential.

Nevertheless, undeterred, I did actually find a baby. Said child was quite willingly offered to me for the evening from exhausted parents who wished some 'time-out'. Being the kind soul that I am, I thought I would wash said baby before putting him to bed; doing the parents a favour as well as being able to test the new setting on the washing machine.

However, before putting said baby into washing machine, the parents arrived back early. They were incredibly alarmed at what I was proposing, and rather urgently, explained to me that the "baby setting" was not, in fact, for cleaning babies. Despite my claims that the baby did not exceed the 6kg maximum load, they went on to explain the terrible consequences of what may have happened if I had proceeded to enter the baby into a a spin cycle.
Shocked and ashamed, I read through your instruction manual, but could find no warning, nor indeed any reference to the dangers of putting a less-than 6kg baby on a "baby wash" setting. Nor did it state, "Babies must not be placed in washing machine on 'baby wash' cycle".

I write to you in concern that other persons may not be so lucky as I, and upon washing a less than 6kg baby on 'baby wash', may inadvertently end up with a washing machine that, due to a slight misunderstanding, invalidate their guarantee.

May I suggest some sort of large warning be placed in the instruction manual and maybe relabelling the title 'baby wash' or some sort of warning triangle to alert the user to potential hazards.

Yours faithfully

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