Monday, 7 February 2011

Life's too short to drink cheap wine.

Life's too short to drink cheap wine and the bare minimum I would ever spend on a bottle of wine is £6 or £7. Less than that, and the wine is likely to be of poor quality. Now this might sound snobbery, but does has some basis in logic when you work out the cost of import duty.

The actual cost of import duty on wine and other alcohol, isn't worked out by their price, but on the percentage alcohol. Thus, wine has a cheaper duty than a spirit, (and is also the reason why imported perfume is expensive).

Now, I originally had a nicely written blog about the breakdown of
costs on an average bottle of wine, but Majestic have already written a blog about it, which explains the system much better than I.

So just remember the next time you buy a bottle of wine that spending just a small amount more should get you a much better bottle of wine.

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