Saturday, 8 May 2010

Chicken Tandoori Made Easy!

This is for 3 chicken breasts, whole.
You can use any part of the chicken for this, but for me it works best with either wings or breasts. If you use breasts, you can either have them whole on the bone or cut up into chunks and put several on a skewer for the BBQ. This also works well on a chicken crown, you just need to adjust the cooking time. If using breast on-the-bone whole, slice into the chicken breast a few times - but not right through to the bone. This allows the marinade to permeate the chicken.

You'll need:

3 x Chicken breasts on the bone/fillets (or whatever cut you're using)
Tandoori powder. Not any old crap you get from the supermarket, but proper stuff from the local Indian Store.
It's a vivid red spice.
Chilli powder (optional)

Natural Yoghurt


Add approx two to three tablespoons of tandoori powder to a small bowl, and add in about a teaspoon of chilli powder, depending on how hot you like it. I often don't even use chilli powder, as it's fine without.

Add approx three tablespoons of the natural yoghurt, and mix the spices and yoghurt together thoroughly to a sloppy paste consistency.
Now spread all over the chicken.

Marinade for as long as possible in the fridge for ideally 24 hours.

Yes, I know it looks weird at this point.


After marinading, wipe any excess marinade off (that comes off easily without scrubbing!) with kitchen roll - if you have marinaded it long enough, the chicken will be stained a yellow-red and the flavours will have penetrated the flesh, so you won't lose flavour. Cook on a wire mesh over a oven-dish, as excess marinade tends to sit there a separate a little.

This is great prepared in advance, as it MUST marinade, or don'
t bother even trying.

The finished dish!

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