Monday, 5 April 2010

Dream Dinner Party Guests.

I have thought about my Dream Dinner Party Guests for a few years now. Having the rich and not so rich, famous and infamous to dinner, would be fascinating. Being a pretty good cook, I can usually impress, or at least please and not poison, my friends. However, cooking for friends is one thing. Cooking for strangers - however much I think I might know them from TV or book - is a different matter all together. For a start, I could not invite them all at once. Having all these interesting people all at once would be over-whelming. There is also the fact that any one of the the fantasy people I have chosen, would intimidate me to a point where I couldn't EAT or TALK properly, never mind COOK a dam thing. And as for the amount of wine I would consume due to shear nervousness, it isn't worth thinking about the humiliation I would forever endure.

But if you put aside the reality of some of my guests being inconveniently dead - in some cases long dead - and getting these famous people together, all at once, without any of them being busy or even wanting to dine, with other complete strangers in my inner city area of Leeds, in a small house, in a small kitchen, round a small table, hosted by a nervous 30-something nobody and with no one of strong opinion, arguing with another, well you've got yourself a party.

Watch this space for my list.

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